Monday, October 24, 2016

CCNP R&S 300-115 Training

Course Outline
1. Welcome: Course Overview and Cisco Certification (15 min)
2. CORE: The Switch Design Big Picture (12 min)
3. CORE: CAM, TCAM, and SDM Templates (15 min)
4. CORE: CDP and LLDP (11 min)
5. CORE: Understanding Interface Counters (13 min)
6. CORE: Handling Err-Disabled Ports (5 min)
7. CORE: Managing Power over Ethernet (7 min)
8. VLAN: Switch Network Design — Old and New (19 min)
9. VLAN: Typical VLAN Scenarios (12 min)
10. VLAN: All Things VTP (15 min)
11. VLAN: Trunking in Depth (22 min)
12. VLAN: Handling DHCP (14 min)
13. STP: Back to the Core (17 min)
14. STP: Understanding the Standards (20 min)
15. STP: When STP Standards Collide (10 min)
16. STP: Understanding UplinkFast, BackboneFast, and Rapid Spanning Tree (22 min)
17. STP: Understanding BPDUGuard and BPDUFilter (11 min)
18. STP: RootGuard, LoopGuard, and UDLD (14 min)
19. STP: Configuring RSTP and MST (27 min)
20. STP: Understanding and Configuring Etherchannel (29 min)
21. STP: Spanning Tree Best Practices (13 min)
22. L3 Switching: Joining the L3 Switch Revolution (19 min)
23. L3 Switching: VLANs, SVIs, and Routed Port Configuration (15 min)
24. L3 Switching: When Etherchannel and L3 Switching Collide (5 min)
25. L3 Switching: Understanding the FHRP Lineup - HSRP, VRRP, GLBP (13 min)
26. L3 Switching: FHRP and STP Interaction (12 min)
27. L3 Switching: HSRP Configuration (15 min)
28. L3 Switching: VRRP Configuration (18 min)
29. L3 Switching: GLBP Configuration (16 min)
30. SECURE: Understanding and Configuring Port Security (16 min)
31. SECURE: DHCP Snooping Configuration (5 min)
32. SECURE: IP Source Guard and DAI (16 min)
33. SECURE: Cisco Storm Control (6 min)
34. SECURE: Understanding Private VLANs (8 min)
35. SECURE: Configuring Private VLANs (7 min)
36. SECURE: Understanding AAA for Switches (28 min)
37. MISCELLANEOUS: Switchport Monitoring with SPAN and RSPAN (5 min)
38. MISCELLANEOUS: SNMP Version 3 (11 min)
39. MISCELLANEOUS: NTP and SNTP (17 min)
40. MISCELLANEOUS: Stackwise Switch Virtualization (11 min)
41. MISCELLANEOUS: Espresso Roasting Tactics and Other Study Tips 
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