Monday, October 24, 2016


Course Outline
1. Introduction to VMware, vSphere, and the VCP5 (35 min)
2. Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions (19 min)
3. Install and Configure vCenter Server (26 min)
4. Install and Configure VMware ESXi (25 min)
5. Configure vNetwork Standard Switches & vSS Policies (26 min)
6. Configure Shared Storage for vSphere (23 min)
7. Create and Configure VMFS Datastores (21 min)
8. Create and Deploy Virtual Machines & vApps (30 min)
9. Administer and Migrate Virtual Machines and vApps (34 min)
10. Configure VMware Clusters and Resource Pools (44 min)
11. Manage Virtual Machine Clones and Templates (18 min)
12. Backup and Restore Virtual Machines (22 min)
13. Update and Profile ESXi Hosts (26 min)
14. Configure vNetwork Distributed Switches & vDS Policies (22 min)
15. Secure vCenter Server and ESXi (16 min)
16. Plan and Implement VMware Fault Tolerance (17 min)
17. Configure the vSphere Storage Appliance (21 min)
18. Perform Basic vSphere Troubleshooting (17 min)
19. Monitor vCenter and Administer Alarms (28 min)
20. Plan and Perform vCenter Server and ESXi Upgrades (14 min)
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