Monday, October 24, 2016


Course Outline
1. Introduction to VMware View, the VCAP-DT, and the VCP510-DT Exam (16 min)
2. Understanding VMware View's Architecture and Components (20 min)
3. Preparing for and Installing the View Connection Server (24 min)
4. Building and Provisioning your First Virtual Desktop (23 min)
5. Configuring Pool Settings and Connecting to Virtual Desktops (27 min)
6. Managing Automated Pools with Full VMs (33 min)
7. Installing View Composer and Managing Linked-Clone VMs (41 min)
8. Understanding and Configuring RDP and PCoIP (21 min)
9. Installing View Transfer Server and Managing for Local Mode (25 min)
10. Creating and Working with a View Events Database (9 min)
11. Fitting Desktop Virtualization into your Application Delivery Infrastructure (23 min)
12. Creating ThinApp Virtual Applications (31 min)
13. Integrating VMware ThinApp into VMware View (17 min)
14. Managing User Settings with View Persona Management (18 min)
15. Configuring Printing for View Desktops (15 min)
16. Managing for Kiosk Mode (14 min)
17. Installing and Configuring View Security Server for External Clients (13 min)
18. Integrating Certificates and Smart Cards into VMware View (29 min)
19. Configuring View Roles and Permissions (11 min)
20. Troubleshooting a VMware View Environment (14 min)
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