Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-412

Course Outline
1. Course Introduction (20 min)
2. Configuring Network Load Balancing (NLB) (45 min)
3. Configuring Failover Clustering (57 min)
4. Managing Virtual Machine Movement (45 min)
5. Configuring and Optimizing Storage (39 min)
6. Configuring Advanced File Services (45 min)
7. Implementing Dynamic Access Control (45 min)
8. Configuring and Managing Backups (46 min)
9. Recovering Servers (30 min)
10. Implementing an Advanced DHCP Solution (44 min)
11. Implementing an Advanced DNS Solution (37 min)
12. Deploying and Managing IPAM (35 min)
13. Configuring Active Directory Forests and Domains (38 min)
14. Configuring Trust Relationships (32 min)
15. Administering Active Directory Sites (38 min)
16. Managing Active Directory and SYSVOL Replication (40 min)
17. Configuring AD CS: Planning and Implementation (43 min)
18. Configuring AD CS: Day-to-Day Administration (44 min)
19. Configuring AD RMS (44 min)
20. Implementing AD FS (30 min)
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